The 10 Stage self-treatment and rehabilitation protocol

Understanding the underlying causes of OP we created a comprehensive 10 stage self-treatment and rehabilitation protocol. It methodically addresses every step, every issue, every weakness and every bit of dysfunction that is keeping you from the physical activities you love.

This protocol has worked for 100s of patients with OP. You won’t just fix your OP; you should expect to be stronger, more agile and more flexible than you have ever been before.

Testimonials from OP survivors

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Why it works

A functional movement hierarchy

Bad movement patterns, specifically, faulty ‘OP biomechanics’ caused you to develop OP. So we are building you from the ground up; programming the healthy biomechanics of a strong, OP free body. The OP protocol is a functional movement hierarchy; from simple core, arch and glute activation (covered in stage 2, 3, 4 and 5), to challenging balance and core control exercises (stages 5 and 6), multi plane ballistic movements (stages 7 and 8), complex plyometrics (stage 9) and finally running/explosive movement technique work (stage 10, integrating the strength and coordination from the first 9 stages).

Each stage builds on the last; you will feel your strength and coordination improve as every new exercise pushes you to grow and improve upon the last. Nothing feels out of place, and you will have a clear understanding of the reason and purpose of every exercise, and how it fits in the bigger picture.

Core weakness, Glute inactivity and poor deep front line activation; the functional weaknesses of OP explained.

The 10 Stage OP Rehab Protocol in detail

Functional movement tests at every stage

Rehab quality is paramount; a stable building is built on strong foundations. Each stage has a specific purpose and functional movement goal; you will be required to pass specific movement tests/challenges to progress to the next stage in the program.

With each stage passed you will feel improved coordination, balance and strength. And with testing you can be sure that you are healing and strengthening correctly; that you are on the right track of recovery.

Each stage relates to real world challenges

Each time you pass a stage you will have developed and improved an important functional movement skill. This will allow you to safely engage in real world activities without worrying about re-injuring your OP.

At stage 4 you should be able to return to normal gym activities*. Stage 5 you can rock climb, bolder and perform other upper body dominant challenging sports. Stage 7 should see you back on your bike. Stage 8 you will start experimenting with sprinting and running. Stage 9 you should start training in your chosen sport/activity. At the end of stage 10 you should be back to 100% activity, training and playing almost like you weren’t injured to begin with.

There are always differences patient to patient; but you can be confident about what you can and can’t do as you can safely navigate your return to the real world. Importantly you can rest assured that whatever progress and healing you’ve achieved during treatment and rehab, it will transfer into your normal activities. You will remove your OP permanently, and you will return to the exercise you love doing!

* The details of your exercises should be discussed with your therapist. An exercise do’s and don’ts list is also provided.

Be indestructible

The OP protocol starts with simple foundation exercises and progresses to extremely difficult, functionally challenging whole body movements. This isn’t just about fixing OP; this is about developing resiliency from future injuries. Building and improving your biomechanics to develop real world, functional strength. There’s no point in your groins feeling great in the gym, and awful again on the track. There’s no point in fixing your OP, only to develop a knee, hip, ankle issue.

Some of the final exercises in the OP protocol are significantly harder than anything you might face on the court/field/track etc. When you finish the protocol you will be a completely different animal. You will have absolute confidence in your body. That you are prepared for absolutely anything. You should feel indestructible.

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