Each Skype session runs for approximately 45 minutes, with a further 15 minutes (2 x 7.5 min) allocated to emails and personalised video reviews.

There are exercises prescribed in each session, taking you step by step through our OP Rehab Protocal.   Using your smart phone or webcam, you’ll be recording parts of your training sessions, then emailing us footage to critique and give feedback.   Essentially, we’ll put your videos in slow motion, annotate and illustrate over them to show you the good and the bad, which you can then keep to monitor your progress.

The more effort you put into learning about your condition, the faster you will recover.

Cost per session;  $238 AUD. 

Before you commit to your rehab journey feel free to book in for our Free 20 Minute Skype introduction. I’ll give you a run down of what to expect and how to get the most out of your sessions.

Book in for a free 20 min skype consultation

How does Skype rehab work?

Is recovery as fast if you do it online rather than in person?