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The definitive resource to explain how and why you

have OP.


The rehab and treatment process explained.


The OP Clinic was initially inspired by the lack of useful information about Osteitis Pubis available online. OP is often misunderstood, so people desperate for help are left with limited options for treatment and rehab and frequently get poor results from the choices on offer.

OP is easily treatable – especially in the early stages. Unfortunately, the general approach to OP is to do some stretching and take plenty of rest – with some opting to simply play through the pain. When this happens, OP can develop into a stubborn, chronic condition.

Treatment can help with OP, but it doesn’t fix the problem. The only way to fix OP for good is by putting in the work and completing the physical rehab to resolve the whole issue. You need to address the imbalances and poor movement patterns that caused the OP to begin with.



My name is Jason D’Abreo. The OP clinic is my response to dealing with the misinformation and poor treatment strategies that most people experience when trying to treat their OP. I’ve developed a specific, comprehensive 10 stage rehab protocol. I also have dozens of video testimonials  with clients who’ve successfully gone through the process.

OP is a rare condition; I might see less then 5 patients a year in Melbourne. Working over Skype allows me to treat 100s of OP patients a year; 99% of all my clients are OP patients. I treat, practice and refine my skillset everyday and can confidently say there is no one else in the world who has seen as many, and treated as many OP patients as I have.

I'm not going to sugar coat it, fixing OP is hard work. You need to be willing to commit significant time and energy to getting better. But if you’re willing, then I can show you how to fix your OP permanently.

I never set out to focus on OP. I just started putting information on the internet about the condition, treating patients and the clinic grew organically from there. My hope is that by reading this website and watching the videos on Youtube that I empower you with enough information to make the best decisions regarding treating your OP. Whether that treatment is with me or someone else.

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