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First Session Instructions

1. Starting the program: an honest conversation

As the video explained, dont stress if you dont get everything (or anything!) done before the first session. Just show up to your session so we can get the process started! :)

2. Getting a quick taste!

To summarise the video above - lets get you started in the process of rehabbing and exercising. IF you feel pain/discomfort during any of these exercises, if the right muscles wont switch on or if you have any other problems, please go onto step 3. The spreadsheet has a lot of videos/information that will likely answer/address these issues.

Google drive link: 


3. Taking things a step further

As the video above explains, there are lots of ways to tackle this spreadsheet. Choose and be happy with the method that will work for you!

4. Upload your videos:

It would be great if you get the chance to upload those 5 key exercises onto the google drive link above. Below you will find links on how to do that from either your Android, Iphone or PC device.


Email me after you upload the vids to let me know there up :). Please make sure the files are in the google drive folder I've provided. If your struggling shoot me an email :)


5. Equipment list and session preparation

Have a look at the equipment list here. For the first session you will need the following:

  • An 8-16kg weight (adjustable weight such as an adjustable dumbell is preferrable)

  • A plank of wood etc. for forefoot squats

  • A bar/ stick with weigths to perform your lying rib cage hold

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that due to the difficulty organising/managing multiple time zones there is a strict, no exceptions 48 hour cancellation policy from the time of your appointment. All appointments cancelled with 48 hours will incur the full appointment fee.

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