How do I fix my Osteitis Pubis?
Why the OP Rehab Protocol works
The 10 Stage OP Rehabilitation Protocol
Fixing OP over Skype


At this point you should understand what OP is and that it is caused by overworked adductors. You understand that to fix OP you will need the correct approach, and are familiar with the 10 stage OP recovery protocol. The only question you have left is; “how do I get started?” And “how does this work over Skype?”

Skype process/sessions (except for the initial session) usually follow the same structure;

  1. Highlight a biomechanical issue/movement deficit that is causing your OP.

  2. Teach you exercises to address that movement deficit; focusing and explaining the issue so you can address it

  3. In between sessions: Review videos of you performing the new exercises (click here for an example); ensuring you continue to improve your technique/movement patterns.

  4. Next session: Continue addressing current stage/movement challenge OR move onto next stage and begin addressing the next biomechanical issue.

  5. Repeat this process; progressing through the 10 stage OP protocol until you are completely free of your OP.

Fixing OP is the process of learning how to move your body correctly to stop aggravating your adductors and pubic symphysis. The entire 10 stage program is well planned and comprehensive; it covers every step of your self-treatment and rehab. When you have completed the program you should feel indestructible.

You are doing the work; we are only there to teach you how. Being physically present at the clinic will not change your treatment outcome; you will get better whether you’re in Melbourne or half way around the world.



Quality assessment tells us how your body works. More importantly, it tells us where your body is going wrong. Every prescribed exercise, every step of the recovery process is tailored to address your specific biomechanical issues.

Every step of the way, you will know:

  • Exactly what needs fixing

  • Exactly what a new exercise or self-treatment strategy is correcting

Our assessment, whether in person or over skype are movement assessments. We take advantage of movement analysis software to record, analyse and identify your faulty, ‘OP biomechanics’. We then take you through and explain our findings; the issues and flaws in your mechanics we’ll be addressing to fix your OP. Being physically present does change/improve the assessment process.


One day I’m going to make a blooper reel; comparing the exercise I’ve explained and the exercise my patient performs a week later. Rehab exercises can be extremely complex; and if you could move perfectly you wouldn’t have OP. You will forget important instructions; you will focus on one aspect of an exercise and completely ignore another part.

Every single exercise within the OP protocol has a clear, simple instructional video to accompany it. You can take your time learning and correcting your exercises, so you can correct your movement patterns and fix your OP.


A misconception about exercise is that there is a ‘right way and a wrong way’. Most people perform exercises badly because they move badly. The poor biomechanics causing your OP can and will cause you to make mistakes in your rehab exercises. And they should. This is the purpose of rehab; to expose those bad movement patterns and challenge you to correct them. When you correct your technique in an exercise, you are correcting your movement patterns, and fixing your OP.

Unfortunately identifying these mistakes can be extremely challenging. In between every session you will send video performing your exercises for review. Your therapist will then break down this footage, frame by frame, explaining what you are doing well and what you need to improve upon. It’s difficult for you to see your own mistakes; if you could you would be your own therapist. Slow motion analysis allows you to see what we see; painting in painstaking detail the mistakes and improvements you need to make to fix your OP.

OP is a war of attrition; each rep in good movement takes you one step closer to recovery. Slow motion analysis makes sure you get the most out of your rehab. It takes out the guess work and speeds up your recovery significantly.


Everything always makes sense…. At the time. I definitely know this feeling. Every session is recorded. If you ever need to go over something, if you’re not confident or you feel like you can’t remember something important, you can always re-watch your session. You need to fix your OP, and we will give you every tool to do so.


Check out our testimonial page. Our OP program works. This isn’t something we developed by just reading books and collecting information. It’s tried and tested. It’s been tinkered with, adapted and refined. It’s a reflection of every single client we’ve fixed.

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